Overview of EduTrainer® Universal

Overview of EduTrainer® Universal

The EduTrainer® Universal
Do you use PLCs from global market leaders or less well-known but innovative control concepts? Does your training tend to focus on mastering processes and technologies rather than safe handling of wires and screwdrivers?

If so, the EduTrainer® Universal is the right solution for you!

No matter what is most important to you, you can get exactly the EduTrainer® Universal that you need:

  • Fully set up and configured or your own design (online configurator)
  • With PLCs from Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Festo and other manufacturers
  • With or without
    • Power supply unit
    • 4 mm safety sockets
    • SysLink system interface

Universal shape and size
The EduTrainer® Universal deserves its name:

  • It fits in A4 and ER mounting frames.
  • It fits in an MPS® station.
  • However, it can also stand on a table or lie flat.
  • It comes as a fully configured standard preferred version – or you can customize it yourself.
  • Available in narrow and wide versions.

Universal design
There are many more than just 5 or 6 manufacturers of programmable logic controllers worldwide. The EduTrainer® Universal is designed for different H-rails so that it can be fitted with any PLC. Below the PLC, the 19" plug-in format ensures that the EduTrainer® can be equipped with any conceivable combination of connecting plates and simulation modules. A range of simulation modules allows for many different processes to be connected and simulated during the training.

Tec2Screen® in control technology

The all-in-one device Tec2Screen® offers suitable simulations for exciting and realistic training in the field of control technology. Controllers and applications can thus be quickly tested and simulated – independent of the programming language and PLC. Simulations replace large and complex systems that take up space and cost money.