Electric gripper

Electric gripper

The modular structure, attachment devices and the open software interfaces make Robotino the ideal platform for project work. With the electric gripper you can develop exciting expansions and exercises yourself.

The electric gripper is completely integrated in the Robotino platform, so that while it is moving, it is not necessary to monitor potential collisions with the gripper. The gripper detects workpieces between the gripper jaws by means of an integrated light barrier. A slide is integrated for picking up workpieces from a supporting surface. This signals the optimal gripping position to the Robotino. The gripper end positions are checked via the motor current evaluation.

The gripper function is available as a functional module in Robotino View (starting from Version 1.7).

Technical data

  • Gripper stroke: 4 mm
  • Maximum workpiece diameter: 40 mm
  • Maximum workpiece weight: 300 g
  • Gripping force: 140 N
  • Closing/opening time: 2 s
  • Operating voltage: 24 V DC
  • Maximum current: 140 mA

Alternatively, the Logistic Kit (order no. 549179) provides as a complete project kit with the electric gripper for an automated guided vehicle system.