Classroom Manager Vocational Training

Classroom Manager Vocational Training

Learning management system and vocational training management for eLearning courses and Tec2Screen®

Classroom Manager Vocational Training (CRM VT) for digital vocational training.

  • Fully comprehensive learning management system (LMS): ensure your end users are qualified by means of valuable eLearning courses
  • Knowledge database: make your digital content available at all times
  • User administration: create and manage end users, groups and roles
  • Trainer & trainee dashboard: all users constantly maintain an overview
  • Integrate or create your own training plans
  • Automatic shift planning for dual vocational training program: create the timetable in a single click
  • Quick start: easy set up thanks to cloud solution
  • Training materials: target group specific assignment as well as training status monitoring
  • Reporting: extensive reports and analyses
  • Open feedback culture due to surveys that can be individually designed
  • Automatic e-mail processes and certificate creation
  • Support for SCORM standards 1.2 and 1.3

Cloud-based Classroom Manager Vocational Training (CRM VT) is a learning management system that is intuitive to use and also includes extensive vocational training management. You can use this to support your students optimally during their learning, thereby ensuring efficient vocational training.

Trainees have the opportunity to acquire general and subject-specific knowledge in a quick and interesting manner by means of digital learning. A further advantage is that individual training progress can be viewed and evaluated directly by the training managers.

Our learning management system enables students to maintain an overview of their vocational training at all times. For even greater flexibility the digital content can also be used on mobile terminals.

In addition to the learning management system, our eLearning courses and Tec2Screen® content can be ordered too at reasonable prices.

Please note:

  • The eLearning courses and Tec2Screen® content are not included in the scope of delivery of Classroom Manager Vocational Training. Please order your required courses separately.
  • eLearning courses that have already been installed as well as Tec2Screen® content as CD-ROM versions cannot be integrated into Classroom Manager Vocational Training retrospectively. The courses must be reordered as part of the subscription.

Extensive information on the eLearning courses and Tec2Screen® content as well as available languages can be found in the relevant product descriptions or on our website.

Further modules for the Classroom Manager Vocational Training such as event management, virtual classroom or online payment can additionally be booked on request.

System requirements

Classroom Manager Vocational Training is compatible with all common browsers (with JavaScript activated):

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer

Classroom Manager Vocational Training is available in the following license levels:

  • 100 users at 10 workstations
  • 200 users at 20 workstations
  • 500 users at 50 workstations
  • 1000 users at 100 workstations

Classroom Manager Vocational Training is provided as a subscription, ensuring your software is up-to-date at all times. The following terms of validity are currently available upon conclusion of a contract. They can, of course, be extended before they expire:

  • 1 year
  • 3 years
  • 5 years

As part of your subscription you will also receive a license for the Content Builder, which has to be installed locally on your PC. Content Builder is an authoring tool for creating your own training media.

Ordering information

  • Classroom Manager Vocational Training with up to 1000 registered user names on 100 workstations simultaneously
  • When first ordering the learning management system, the service package (order no. 8028154) for set-up and commissioning must also be ordered
  • Version in your native language (if available) and in English
  • When ordering, the number of licenses and validity period must be selected.


Classroom Manager Vocational Training is provided in cooperation with Intelligent Media Systems AG in Karlsruhe, Germany. Once you order, your data will be forwarded to Intelligent Media Systems AG. You will be contacted directly by them for further information and order processing.


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