Turning: eLearning course

Turning: eLearning course

Whether in machine ­manufacturing, toolmaking or vehicle production, metalworking is an essential element in trades and industry. The “Basic principles of metalworking” series covers the basic principles of ­machining with geometrically defined cutting edges. Machining methods are so important because of their high accuracy and geometrically almost unlimited processing possibilities.

Turning is a cutting production method for manufacturing rotationally symmetrical workpieces. During the turning process, the workpiece performs the main rotary cutting motion and the single-edged tool, the lathe tool, performs the advancing motion. Both motions bring about continuous chip removal.

In the "Turning" training program of the "Basic principles of metalworking" series, you will acquire basic knowledge of turning.

From the contents:

  • How does a lathe work?
  • Selecting the tool
  • Clamping the workpieces
  • Turning

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