Full package of eLearning courses

Full package of eLearning courses

Our eLearning courses provide knowledge using theory nuggets, interactive animations, videos, graphics, and exercises for reflexion. With the help of applications and examples from industry, the acquired knowledge is transferred to the daily work life of students and employees.

This practical approach ensures that learning is dynamic and motivating and creates freedom for instructors at the same time.

Digital learning also gives you the freedom to choose your learning location – it can be your school or lab, but it can be also done from home using modern cloud-based solution to access your courses from anywhere and at any time.

What makes our eLearning courses special?

  • Designed in a modern look and feel
  • Follow state of the art didactical principles (like content modularization, micro-learning approach and interactive media)
  • Excellent introduction to new (technological) topics
  • Participant guidance and storytelling that enhance student motivation
  • Practical and industrial examples for better learning transfer
  • Keep an eye on your learning progress at any time
  • Can be used for self-study during classroom-based trainings or home-schooling activities as no equipment is required
  • Can be integrated into several other training concepts or curricula activities

The full package includes all available eLearning courses (approx. 35 courses) and is available for the integration in Classroom Manager VT or single online usage via Festo LX (with limited functionalities).

All eLearning courses are integrated in the Festo LX basic subscription as well.

You can find the training content of the individual eLearning courses on our web site here.