Tec2Screen® simulation: warm water tank (analog)

Tec2Screen® simulation: warm water tank (analog)

Tec2Screen® simulation of a warm water tank (analog) with inflow and discharge for motivating PLC training.

Training content 

Physically accurate simulation, the training aim of which is handling adjustable characteristics:

  • thermal capacity
  • ambient temperature
  • heating power

Required Connects

  •  1x Connect: Digital I/O  
  •  1x Connect: Analog In  
  •  1x Connect: Analog Out

Necessary accessories

Programmable logic controller with:

  • 2 analog outputs
  • 2 analog inputs
  • 2 digital inputs


  • PLC for ER mounting frame:
    EduTrainer Compact with CPU S7-1214C (order no. 8115009)
  • PLC for A4 mounting frame or as stand-alone device:
    EduTrainer Universal with CPU S7-1512C (order no. 8065595)

To perform the simulation, you require the Classroom Manager VT LMS.

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