Tec2Screen® Starter Kit

Tec2Screen® Starter Kit

The amazing world of technology!

The Tec2Screen® Starter Kit demonstrates in the simplest way, using selected examples, the importance of the industrial automation technology and mechatronic system. With the direct connection between theory and practice, the starter kit is an exciting introduction to the technology.

Training content
You can work through the following experiments and nuggets of information with the digital learning tool Tec2Screen® and the demo case:

Exploring and learning

  • Getting to know individual components  using QR code tasks (double-acting cylinder, 5/2-way valve, one-way flow control valve, inductive sensor)

PLC programming with the Tec2Screen® simulation programs

  • Parking garage control system
  • Controlling a double-acting cylinder with end-position sensing
  • Controlling a linear axis
  • Controlling a handling device

Programming and actuation with iEasyLab

  • Controlling a double-acting cylinder

Measuring with iEasyLab

  • Current measurement
  • The behavior of a capacitor when DC voltage is applied to it
  • Adding a measurement curve: Loading and unloading curve

Scope of delivery

  • Tec2Screen® Demo Case
  • the Tec2Screen® Set 32 GB with pre-installed Tec2Screen® App
  • integrated demo course (in 10 languages)
  • three simulations
  • two country-specific* power lines for small appliances for the Tec2Screen®

* Two country-specific power lines CEE 7/16 and NEMA 1-12 are included in the scope of delivery. Of these two, only your country-specific power line is relevant.

Important note
When ordering the Tec2Screen® Starter Kit, customers with the plug standard BS 1363 or AS 3112 2-pin require an additional country-specific power line for small appliances.