Practical learning solutions in key technology fields… that answer extensive training requirements

Comprehensive solutions

Over the years, we have built a rich portfolio of learning solutions covering electrical engineering and electronics, justifiably, given their great importance in all areas of production, as well as process and factory automation.

The integration of the US-Canadian company Lab-Volt in 2014 further strengthened our expertise by adding new products specialized in electrical engineering, telecommunications, and electronics.

Modular design concepts

Instructors from all over the world have access to our broad spectrum of learning solutions. From self-contained training packages to full-fledged systems, modularity is the common denominator.

Modularity enables instructors to exactly match requirements and expand their solution over time, as needs evolve, without unnecessary duplication of equipment, optimizing the return on investment. 

Safety rules!

Electric currents can be hazardous and can cause damage or injury if not handled properly and carefully.

During the design phase of our learning systems, we paid special attention to safety features – from safe connection leads to new grounding methods – to avoid mishaps like electric shocks and short-circuits. Workbooks also tackle security procedures to instill safe work habits and techniques.

Success with seamless interconnection of learning methods

A broad array of products, including hardware, simulation software, web-based training products, and extensive curriculum, seamlessly interconnect to provide instructors with the most comprehensive, industrial-based training programs available worldwide.

Qualification in foundational technologies

Electronics, electrical engineering, and telecommunications form the foundation of several technologies and important new topics, like renewable energies, Industry 4.0, and digitization in the industrial and domestic worlds.

Therefore, knowledge of these fundamental technologies – at varying degrees – is useful for a wide range of workers, and no longer strictly reserved for specialized occupations, like electrical engineers and electronics technicians. 

Relevant and efficient learning solutions are key in the qualification of competent workers.

Learning solutions cover the following technology fields

Electricity and electronics

Electricity and electronics are the prerequisites of a digitized, interconnected world. Several training packages help students learn electrical principles, electronic circuitry, and microcontrollers, as well as building automation.  

Electric power technology

Our unique learning solutions address today’s increasingly diversified training needs.

Covered topics include electric machines and motor controls and drives, as well as power generation and protection, with a strong focus on solar and wind energy sources, power storage, and E-mobility.  


Using radio waves, radars detect the range, velocity, and angle of various objects, weather formations, and terrain. This technology is used in several applications of industrial radar technology and involves electronics and electricity concepts as well.