Equipment set TP 1012: Basic principles of digital technology

Equipment set TP 1012: Basic principles of digital technology

The perfect introduction to digital technology

The training package Basic principles of digital technology provides the optimum introduction to the world of digital signal processing. Those who learn and understand digital technology can easily and quickly learn any automation programming language.

The basic principles of digital technology include logical operations, signal flow and data formats. The curriculum also includes structured procedures for problem solving.

Special characteristics

  • The components of the training package are constructed with real logic gates. They permit realistic examinations of their behaviour.
  • The ICs contained in the components have a base and can be exchanged in only a few steps.
  • All parts of the equipment set are completely equipped with safety plug connections.
  • The Combiboard Digital and Control Technology EduTrainer® included with this training package provides the required supply voltages for all tests and also contains a square-wave generator with 7 different output frequencies.
  • This Combiboard EduTrainer® can also be used as a patch panel for the components of the control technology equipment set.

Components included

  • 1 inverter
  • 2 AND
  • 2 OR
  • 1 NAND
  • 1 NOR
  • 1 XOR
  • 1 hex switch and analogue source 0 – 5 V
  • 1 LED bar graph
  • 1 counter
  • 1 7-segment display
  • 1 RS flip-flop
  • 2 JK flip-flops
  • 2 shift registers
  • 1 full adder
  • 1 signal input

Training content

  • Elementary logic modules
  • Important symbols
  • Designing and optimising logical circuits
  • Logic algebra
  • Conjunctive and disjunctive standard format
  • Switching matrix diagrams
  • Schmitt trigger
  • Hysteresis
  • Types of trigger circuits
  • Using flip-flops
  • Counting circuits
  • Converting and transferring data
  • Shift register
  • Data conversion
  • Arithmetic circuits


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The exercises in the workbook contain concrete, realistic projects with problem descriptions, parameters and project tasks.

The workbook contains:

  • Sample solutions
  • Educational instructions
  • Multimedia USB-Stick with or download access to graphics
  • Worksheets for learners

The worksheets support the learner in the information and planning phase as well as with execution, monitoring and documentation.

All exercises require independent performance, evaluation and documentation from the learner.