Equipment set TP 1221-P: Basic Motor Control Technology (Portable Edition)

Equipment set TP 1221-P: Basic Motor Control Technology (Portable Edition)


The fundamentals of electric motor controllers
With the shift toward industrial electrification, control systems for electric motors are vital to the performance and protection of factory equipment. These systems range from the simple starting and stopping of electric motors to directing energy flows in an automated factory.

Many types of technical workers, primarily industrial electricians, industrial maintenance technicians, and mechatronics technicians, need to understand, install, maintain, and troubleshoot control circuits and their main controllers such as manual starters, automatic starters, reversing starters, reduced voltage starters.

An all-in-one complete learning system

The equipment set Basic Motor Control Technology builds knowledge and skills in the fundamentals of industrial electric motor controllers. The curriculum is specially designed to develop soft skills in addition to technical skills. Equipment allows teachers to insert various faults to develop troubleshooting skills – a must to be well prepared for the workplace.

The course first familiarizes students with the operation of individual components, then provides hands-on application opportunities to use them in realistic, industrial motor control circuits. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to install, commission and troubleshoot the most common electric motor controllers using contactors and relays.

This compact learning system is housed in a rugged suitcase for easy transportation and storage. It includes all the equipment required to perform the practical exercises. Power components, connection leads and the power cord are stored in a foam compartment in the suitcase lid under the mounting plate. This plate needs to be removed and placed in front of the suitcase.


  • Innovative design for power switchgear from SIEMENS with safe and faultable connection boxes
  • Faultable components to develop troubleshooting skills
  • Curriculum with high focus on soft skills development along with technical skills  
  • Realistic training using industrial-grade equipment
  • Safe grounding method PE+

Technical Data

  • Power Requirements: 3 AC 208 V, 10 A, 60 Hz – via power cord with NEMA L21-20 plug (included)
  • Power Supplies Output (integrated in suitcase):  
    –120/208 V, 10 A, 60 Hz
    – 24 V DC, 3.8 A
  • Control Devices: 24 V DC, 3 A (per contact)
  • Pilot Lights: 24 V DC, 20 mA
  • Cam Switch: Forward-Stop-Reverse, 3AC 400 V, 11.5 A
  • Power Resistors (3): 100 Ω, 10 W, protected with electronic fuses
  • Induction Motor: 3 AC 400/230 V, 26 W, 0,17 A, 3100 rpm, Star/Delta, equipped with inertia wheel and manual braking system
  • Faults for troubleshooting exercises: 7 faults switches located on the suitcase faceplate and 4 faults keys for the switchgear components (contactors, relays, …)
  • Connections are made via 4mm safety sockets for power and 2mm safety sockets for control
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 625 x 475 x 290 mm (24.6 x 18.7 x 11.4 in)

Learning Content

Lockout/tagout procedures, symbols and schematics, understanding and implementing, troubleshooting components and circuits, control and pilot devices, protections (breakers, overloads), manual starters, two- and three-wire control, reversing starters, jogging control, time-delay relays, primary resistors starters, star-delta starters, motor testing and troubleshooting.


The course is available as an eLab course over our new digital learning portal, Festo LX, as well as printed format and PDF. The course includes:

  • Necessary theories with images and videos
  • Exercises and solutions  
  • Review questions

Included components

Pushbuttons, switches, emergency button, pilot lights, main breaker, disconnect switch, cam switch, high-power resistors, three-phase induction motor (star/delta) with inertia load, contactors, relays, overload relays, motor protective switch, time-delay relay, fault keys for power components, fault switches, power supplies (120/208 V AC and 24 V DC), tabletop mounting plate with DIN rail, safety laboratory cables.

Scope of delivery

  • Suitcase with components integrated in the front panel
  • Work surface with DIN rail and proper grounding
  • Set of power components stored inside the lid
  • Appropriate three-phase power cord (confirmed upon order)
  • Safe laboratory cables set (4 mm connection leads for power, 2 mm connection leads for control and specific grounding leads)

* The training package is currently available for 120/208 V 60 Hz voltage configurations. For other voltage configurations, please contact us.


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