Electric power technology: computer-based measurement tools

Electric power technology: computer-based measurement tools

Convenient measurement and control functions
Festo Didactic's computer-based measurement instruments offer a variety of functions for simple detection of signals and measurements and convenient measurement result evaluation.

These computer-based measurement tools can also be used to emulate and control a variety of real-world applications. If special control functions are required for these activities, the measurement tools can be adapted to provide the required function by adjusting the firmware.

These tools are designed not only to measure and calculate, but also to control and emulate a variety of real-world applications. Purchase new functions and enable them in your firmware. Software updates and device firmware can be found online and installed easily. 

Safe measurement technology
A wide selection of modular equipment sets and special accessories are available for lab exercises, such as electrical consumers, generators, transformers, inverters and electronic components. The individual modules and accessories can be connected in any way the instructor sees fit in order to serve the purpose required for the training exercise in question.

The modules are equipped with the latest safety technology to prevent pole reversal and short circuits. Safety push-in connectors prevent laboratory cables from being plugged into the wrong sockets. A protective device prevents motors from being operated without protective covers. The modules thus comply with all the relevant safety standards and directives. The safety of your students is our top priority.

A separate workbook is available for each equipment set. Each workbook contains up to ten lab exercises. The workbooks also include detailed explanations and revision questions for testing your students' knowledge. The training guidelines include all the lab results and the answers to the questions.