MPS® PA: Workbook

MPS® PA: Workbook

This workbook includes tables that allocate training aims with exercises and components with exercises, together with the fundamentals of closed-loop control technology, exercises with all necessary worksheets and didactic instructions about analyzing and inspecting a system, measuring, open and closed-loop control, as well as the solutions for the instructors. The workbook provides detailed descriptions of the problem definition and parameters. The worksheets support the students through the required steps of planning, execution and function testing.

The exercises refer to the filtering, mixing, temperature maintenance and bottling processes. The trainees acquire the ability to inspect systems, to describe components and functions as well as the operation of systems.

The workbook includes a CD-ROM with the worksheets and the solutions.

Workbook with solutions for training in process automation.

In connection with the training workstation for process automation and this workbook, students can achieve the following training goals:

  • Identify process components
  • Understand and supplement PI flow diagrams
  • Understand and supplement pneumatic circuit diagrams
  • Ascertain the technical data of a system
  • Generate assignment lists
  • Record system characteristics
  • Set up logic circuits
  • Determine operating ranges and operating points
  • Identify controlled systems
  • Adjust a two-step action controller
  • Operate controlled systems with a continuous controller (P, I, PI)
  • Adjust the controller in accordance with various methods (e.g. Ziegler-Nichols, CHR)

J. Helmich, H. Kaufmann
Edition 2007, 430 pages, in folder, bound, incl. CD-ROM.


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