MPS® Transfer System Turning Module: Workbook

MPS® Transfer System Turning Module: Workbook

For mechatronics training and training in electric and metal professions.

Topics: Control technology, simulation and safety engineering.

Objective: Step-by-step instruction in basic knowledge, with practice-related implementation in FluidSIM®, STEP 7 and CIROS®, independent study with internet, eLearning course, ­Mechatronics Assistant, and print media.

Contents: Students analyze the module function, complete parts lists, create hardware configurations, determine I/O allocation lists, design electric/pneumatic circuit diagrams and GRAFCET in FluidSIM®, program sequencers in S7-GRAPH/KOP, and test programs with real and/or simulated controls and modules. They also become familiar with the EC machinery directive.

The workbook contains:

  • Sample solutions
  • Didactic instructions
  • Worksheets for the student
  • Multimedia CD-ROM

A. Zabka
Edition 2010, 400 pages, in color, folder.


Campus licence