BIBB Hydraulics course, exercises for students

BIBB Hydraulics course, exercises for students

Recommended and published by the German Federal Institute for Vocational Training (Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BIBB)).

Physical fundamentals, power supply unit with gear pump, filter and tank, directional-control valves: 3/2-, 4/2- and 4/3-way valve, non-return valve: flow-control valve, 2-way flow-control valve, one-way flow-control valve, pressure valve and pressure switch: pressure-relief valve and pressure-control valve, accumulator. Application circuits: differential circuit, fast-feed circuit, pressureless pump circulation. Hydraulic motor, commissioning and maintenance with troubleshooting.
The BIBB Hydraulics equipment set is designed for the BIBB course.

The BIBB Hydraulics course consists of:

  • Booklet for instructor, Edition 1993, 112 pages, in loose-leaf folder. Order no. 93680 (German).
  • Exercises for students, Edition 1993, 138 pages, in loose-leaf binder. Order no. 93685 (German).
  • Exercises and log sheets, Edition 1999, 96 pages, loose-leaf. Order no. 93690 (German).

Also order:

Contains the above three BIBB course publications and the appropriate solutions. Designed for use with Festo Didactic equipment sets. 462 pages, in binder. Order no. 93024 (German).

Fundamentals and equipment, calculations and application examples
Documentation for training and professional use. This book is a standalone reference work that is based on the chapter structure of the book of exercises (order no. 093 685) and contains further information. Edition 1997, 256 pages, in binder. Order no. 94558 (German).

Transparencies for the series of exercises
Cutaway drawings and functional diagrams of the most important hydraulic components. R. Gänger. Edition 2000, 24 transparencies, on CD-ROM. Order no. 92190 (German).


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