Equipment set TP 8012: Electric Power Technology (EMS A4)

Equipment set TP 8012: Electric Power Technology (EMS A4)

Raising qualification levels for a critical industry sector

The production of energy using renewable natural resources has gained much importance in recent years. The need for innovative technologies to make the grid smarter has recently emerged as a major trend, as the worldwide increase in electrical power demand makes it harder for the actual grid in many countries to keep up.

These trends have a direct impact on the training requirements of future workers.

New equipment sets based on a world-renowned platform

The electric power technology equipment sets constitute a unique, modular pedagogical concept – a combination of turnkey courseware, practical software, and rugged hardware designed for instructional purposes – that methodically and efficiently builds student knowledge and skills in electric power technology.

The concept is based on the proven Electromechanical training system (EMS), Model 8010 from the US-Canadian company Lab-Volt (acquired by Festo Didactic in 2014), which has successfully supported hands-on learning for several decades.

Thousands of technical schools, universities, and industrial companies from around the world rely on this comprehensive platform to build skills and knowledge in electrical engineering.

Equipment sets TP 8012 Electric Power Technology were derived from this platform to serve the needs of European training organizations. Hardware is now fully compliant with European Union regulations regarding health and safety (CE marking) and offered in A4 format – hence the platform name “EMS A4”. 



  • Modular design enables equipment set combinations to meet specific training and budget needs
  • New and safer grounding methods between the modules
  • Unparalleled data acquisition and control interface designed specifically for learning purposes
  • Ability to display multiple, high-power electrical signals with student-proof measuring instruments
  • One oscilloscope monitors up to four high-voltage and four high-current inputs
  • Live observation of the electrical vectors with the Phasor Analyzer
  • Measure, calculate, and display electrical values quickly and easily with LVDAC-EMS software


An evolving educational approach for electrical engineering training

The modular design of the training packages allows instructors to build a learning solution customized to their training requirements and budget, while still compatible with future expansion options.

This tremendous flexibility enables the equipment sets to be expanded gradually, over time, while the hardware itself is durable enough to withstand the rigors of hands-on training. Computer-based tools also eliminate the need for purchasing and replacing actual equipment, the overall achievement being a cost-efficient, high return on investment.

Festo Didactic regularly releases new hardware and workbooks, ensuring that the EMS remains an evolving, state-of-the-art learning platform, and the benchmark for electrical engineering education.


Topics currently covered:

Wind and Solar Power

Training content
Configuring Photovoltaic Panels, Effects of Temperature and Shading in Power Production, Storing Energy in Batteries, Sun’s Orientation, Wind Turbines, PWM and MPPT Chargers, Stand-Alone and Grid-Tied Inverters, Powering AC and DC Loads, etc.

AC/DC Power Circuits and Power Transformers

Training content
Ohm’s Law, Series and Parallel Circuits, Electrical Loads (RLC), Impedance, Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power, Power Factor, Solving AC and DC Circuits, Single-Phase and Three-Phase Transformers, Efficiency, Configurations, etc.