Full package of Tec2Screen® courses

Full package of Tec2Screen® courses

The Tec2Screen® courses provide extensive training content for the commercial technical area (e.g. automation technology, electrical engineering and fluid engineering) with the learning systems from Festo Didactic. Images from real-life situations, graphic representations of physical, technical processes, animated processes and a direct connection to practice illustrate the topics in a straightforward way.
The full package includes all available courses for Tec2Screen (approx. 50 courses).

You can find the training content of the individual courses on our web site.

Please observe that additional hardware components and connects (interface components) are required to process and carry out the courses.

The Classroom Manager VT learning management system is part of the complete learning concept. The following license levels are available for courses and simulations:

  • 100 users at 10 workstations
  • 200 users at 20 workstations
  • 500 users at 50 workstations
  • 1000 users at 100 workstations


You can find the hardware components required to carry out the individual courses on our web site.