Equipment set TP 1321: Machine Safety

Equipment set TP 1321: Machine Safety

What makes a machine "safe"?What factors do you need to bear in mind when building a safe machine? With this equipment set, you will learn the basics of machine safety.

Equipment set with various components relating to machine safety, the Machinery Directive and risk analysis. Works in perfect harmony with the illustrative project exercises provided in the accompanying workbook.

Just like good functionality and economic efficiency, safety is essential to the success of any product. What is more, new directives and laws require intelligent solutions, and raise the level of professional skills required.As a result, there is a wide range of different products, information and training for safety technology. With equipment set TP 1321, you can model the most common safety devices found in modern machines. These include a variety of circuits with safety and two-handed relays, plus a number of different protective devices and guard controls. The modular system can be operated as a stand-alone unit, together with FluidSIM, or mounted on an MPS® Station. The system can be converted in just a few simple steps so that new safety equipment can be put to practical use.  

The equipment set consists of the following components:

  • 1x base frame with associated switch plates
  • 1x Pilz safety relay PNOZ4.1 in the A4 module
  • 1x Pilz two-handed relay PNOZ6.1 in the A4 module
  • 1x door for mounting various safety devices
  • 1x safety switch, without interlock
  • 1x safety switch, with interlock
  • 1x contactless safety switch
  • 1x magnetic guard control
  • 1x position switch
  • 1x sliding door with position switch
  • 1x Enable button
  • 1x M12 adapter - 4 mm safety socket
  • 1x multifunctional lamp
  • 1x M12 cable set
  • 1x courseware

As an option, we recommend using a mini Easyport (order no. 8125966) to connect to FluidSIM, and the appropriate light curtain for equipment set TP 1321 (order no. 8112552) as an additional expansion stage.