Equipment set TP 8012: Computer-based tools specialized for learning

Equipment set TP 8012: Computer-based tools specialized for learning

A safe working environment

Festo Didactic provides a wide array of equipment to perform the practical exercises. Equipment sets suggest a learning path linking hardware and courseware, yet the modularity allows instructors to create divergent paths for customized solutions.

A variety of electrical loads, power supplies, motors and generators, inverters, power electronics components, transformers, mechanical loads, and other devices are available to ensure that student training builds the relevant skills for the future.

The hardware provides a new, innovative, and safer grounding method, which protects devices against reverse polarity and short circuits, and an electrical mechanism that prevents driving motors without the protective guard. All these features meet the highest safety levels in the educational market, while ensuring student safety and protecting the long-term investment value.


Computerized tools optimize learning and lab sessions

Once students have the foundational skills for using standard measuring tools, they can use computer-based tools to accelerate understanding, enabling more lab time to deepen comprehension.

These tools are meant not only to measure and calculate, but also to control and emulate a variety of real-world applications. If new controllers are needed, the proper firmware can be activated in the relevant hardware, eliminating the need for multiple controllers, and firmware functions can easily be upgraded over time.


Workbooks are available for each equipment set. Each workbook includes up to ten full lab exercises (including required theory) to train students on the specific topics. Workbooks can be ordered separately or bundled in a campus license.

The illustrated student manuals provide all the required theory, guided lab exercises for equipment set procedures, and review questions that test student knowledge. The instructor guide provides all lab results and answers to questions.


Data Acquisition and Control Interface (DACI)

Festo Didactic provides state-of-the-art data acquisition tools for quick, easy and safe measurements to help accelerate lab set-up, and reduce the downtime of using standard measuring instruments.

The Data Acquisition and Control Interface (DACI) is a versatile module used for measuring, observing, and analyzing electrical and mechanical parameters in electric power systems and power electronics circuits.

A set of computer-based instruments, as well as a variety of control functions, are available for the DACI and are quickly accessed through the LVDAC-EMS software.

This module is the main pillar of the learning concept and can later be easily and cost-efficiently up-graded to also perform numerous power electronics control applications (choppers, inverters, drives, etc.)


Four-Quadrant Power Supply and Dynamometer Controller

Emulating the right loads is a challenge that Festo Didactic takes seriously, and one that is met with the second pillar of the learning concept: the 4-Quadrant Dynamometer and Power Supply.

Depending on lab requirements, this module can easily be configured as a prime mover/brake with several options, a fully flexible AC/DC power supply, or an emulator of specific loads (from simple mechanical loads to more complex applications like wind turbine, hydraulic turbine, or solar panel). These control function sets can be accessed through the LVDAC-EMS software. 



To control and monitor the Data Acquisition and Control Interface and the Four-Quadrant Dynamometer/Power Supply, which connect to a PC via USB, students can rely on LVDAC-EMS, a complete software package with a wide range of capabilities for measuring, calculating, and controlling the different parameters and applications.

The software is used to configure the various software tools, save configurations, monitor and export data, and control the application, while keeping set-up to a minimum. Specifically designed and optimized for learning purposes, the software also includes an oscilloscope, a phasor analyzer, a data table, and a graph.

LVDAC-EMS software and upgrades are available free on our website.

Download LVDAC-EMS here




SCADA for LVDAC-EMS is a software program designed to run concurrently with LVDAC-EMS. It introduces students to the fundamentals of SCADA in a smart grid context, recreating a complete grid with several different applications running.

SCADA-EMS transforms LVDAC-EMS and the workstation computer into a local workstation that can be monitored and controlled from a supervisory computer over a local network.

Using the OPC Server protocol, SCADA-EMS enables users to design their own interfaces by calling the different applications running on the local workstations.