Equipment set TP 8012-7 Power Transformers

Equipment set TP 8012-7 Power Transformers

The perfect way to understand transformers

Preparing your students with comprehensive and realistic knowledge of the fundamental principles of electricity is top priority, especially for further studies in this area. To meet this need, Festo offers, as part of its continuously growing portfolio in electrical engineering, a series of learning packages for teaching the basics of power transformers, from fundamentals to three-phase circuit configurations.

To meet your lab-specific needs, in terms of teaching and capabilities, our learning solutions in this field are fully modular and can be merged with other packages to create the perfect lab for your school.

Computerized tools designed for learning

To guide students through the learning path, Festo Didactic provides state-of-the-art data acquisition tools for fast, easy, and safe measurements, decreasing the set-up time and reducing the downtime of using standard measuring instruments.

The Data Acquisition and Control Interface comes with an oscilloscope, a phasor analyzer, a data table, and a graph on software specifically designed and optimized for learning purposes. This platform is at the center of our learning approach and can be easily and inexpensively upgraded later on to also perform numerous power electronics control applications (choppers, inverters, drives, etc.).


  • Flexible packages for specific training and budget needs
  • Powerful USB acquisition module that can measure up to 4 high voltage and 4 high current inputs at the same time
  • Includes meters, oscilloscope, phasor analyser, data table, graph and harmonic analyzer
  • Safe working environment at high voltage
  • A4 form factors
  • Modular approach allows package combinations
  • Unrivaled data acquisition and control interface specifically  designed for learning purposes
  • No need for multiple meters to take all the measurements. This means less time lost in switching connections or reading different devices.
  • 4 high-voltage and 4 high-current isolated inputs measured in real-time which can be shown and calculated simultaneously
  • New and safer grounding methods between the modules

Training content

  • Voltage and Current Ratios
  • Transformer Winding Polarity and Interconnection
  • Transformer Losses, Efficiency, and Regulation
  • Transformer Rating
  • Effect of Frequency on Transformer Rating
  • The Autotransformer
  • Three-Phase Power Transformers and their configurations

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The exercises in the workbooks contain the theory and lab manipulations that covers the above training content. For further information, click on the link below:

AC and DC Power Circuits and Transformers: Training documentation