Equipment set TP 8012-0 Introduction to Wind Power

Equipment set TP 8012-0 Introduction to Wind Power

Wind power you can touch
Similar to solar power systems, wind turbines are becoming increasingly widespread due to their simple design and environmental friendliness. Small wind turbines are playing an especially important role as power grids become increasingly decentralized.

Our training and education solutions for wind energy are modular and can therefore be combined with other products. The "Introduction to Wind Power" equipment set contains components from real wind turbines. A dynamometer simulates real wind conditions and generates force/torque curves.

If you require practical exercises specifically for power generation, you can upgrade this equipment set with the components specified below to our TP 8012-2: Wind Energy equipment set at any time.


  • Modular design with module in A4 format. This allows for combinations with modules of other equipments sets
  • New protective grounding terminals on the modules for safe working
  • Wind turbine emulator embedded in a flexible dynamometer
  • Components of a real wind turbine in a safe learning environment
  • Data acquisition and control interface designed for learning purposes
  • Latest data acquisition tools for safe and fast measurements

Training content

  • Voltage/speed characteristic curve
  • Torque/current characteristic curve
  • Power in relation to wind speed
  • Storage of wind energy in rechargeable batteries


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The training documentation consists of:

  • Exercises and sample solutions
  • Educational instructions
  • Multimedia USB-Stick with or download access to graphics
  • Worksheets for students

The exercises in the workbooks contain the theory and lab manipulations that covers the above training content. For further information, click on the link below:

Introduction to Wind Power: Workbook