AC 230 V/DC 325 V Variable Power Supply

AC 230 V/DC 325 V Variable Power Supply

The AC 230 V DC 325 V Variable Power Supply provides two source outputs, one variable from 0 to 230 V ac single-phase and the other one from 0 – 325 V dc. Both outputs are commanded by the same control knob. The power supply itself is connected to the ac line voltage, supplies the necessary power single-phase ac and dc experiments. This power supply is mounted in an A4 module. The power supply is connected to the AC line voltage with a standard C13 power cord and is then protected with a built-in circuit breaker. To vary the ac voltage, a auto-transformer is controlled using a knob directly on the faceplate. The output can then be used directly in ac or through AC/DC converter to get a dc variable output.


  • Fully variable power supply for AC and DC experiments
  • Protection on both the input and the output of the internal auto-transformer by means of circuit breakers
  • Includes a phase sequence indicator, as some country specific plugs can be inverted
  • LED indicates the presence of output voltage
  • Protective conductor connection, 4 mm² minimum diameter and deliberately unmistakable with 4 mm safety plug connections to prevent mix-up
  • Includes a IEC C13/C14 power cord compatible with the 3 AC Power Supply and Safety Unit (order no. 594826). Order a different power cord if it needs to be connected directly in a wall outlet

Technical data

  • Input : 230 V 3 A 50/60 Hz
  • AC output Fixed: 230 V 3 A
  • AC variable output: 0 – 230 V 3 A
  • DC variable output: 0 – 325 V 1.7 A
  • Designed for A4 mounting frames   
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 297 x 133 x 170 mm
  • Weight: 7.4 kg