FluidSIM for homeschooling

FluidSIM for homeschooling

Please note
FluidSIM 6 will be available soon!

FluidSIM online-remote & home-use licenses
One big advantage of digital learning solutions is location-independent learning. This enables pupils, trainees or students to continue on their learning path outside of school and to use the time proactively. That is why we are offering you access to online learning solutions for FluidSIM – the leading planning and simulation program for pneumatics, hydraulics and electrical engineering.

Our online-remote and home-use licenses allow you the tutor to provide your students with online programming tasks. They will be able to work on these tasks from home with the same wide range of functions as would be possible at school or in the workplace. The licenses contain the full version of FluidSIM.

Furthermore, you the tutor are able to manage the licenses flexibly using the license manager. You can create user groups and restrict access to FluidSIM for certain time periods and monitor access. You can create multimedia lessons using text, images and movies.

The integrated chat function enables communication between you the tutor and your students.

1. Online-remote licenses (attractive if you do not yet have FluidSIM)

  • Provide very high flexibility as students can work with FluidSIM from anywhere and at any time
  • Enable usage at school, in the workplace and also from home
  • Provide ideal homeschooling support

The only prerequisite is:
A permanent Internet connection is required for usage.

2. Home-use licenses (additional licenses for usage outside of the school network)

  • Supplement your existing FluidSIM licenses
  • Can only be used by students from home
  • Enable the number of students to work simultaneously as there are available licenses

You need at least 10 network licenses in the respective technology. The license manager only works on one computer with network access to a license connector with the required number of network licenses. Otherwise the administration tool cannot be started.

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