Tec2Screen®: connected learning for electronics and electrical engineering

Tec2Screen®: connected learning for electronics and electrical engineering

What is Connected Learning?

Learning methods which frequently supplement and support each other, and include the following:

  • Practical learning
  • Classroom-based learning
  • Independent learning

With Connected Learning, these methods are merged into a single form of learning. The virtual world and the real world are seamlessly integrated. Software and hardware, theory and practice, student and teacher – Connected Learning promotes intuitive, interactive learning.

Our patented solution for Connected Learning: Tec2Screen®. Guaranteed fun, motivated learning!


The Tec2Screen® system comprises the following components:

  • ­Tec2Screen® app
  • Courses
  • Simulations
  • Connects
  • Tec2Screen® hardware

You will also need Classroom Manager VT with the full range of learning management system functions, as this manages the Tec2Screen® system. You can also use the free Tec2Screen® Manager download without LMS functions.


Exciting courses for exploratory learning
Videos, animations, measuring exercises and test assignments inspire students to explore and discover. The measuring instruments integrated into the courses make interactive troubleshooting exciting.

Courses can also be completed offline, outside the lab, so that technical knowledge can be acquired anywhere at any time.


Tec2Screen® courses
on the following main topics:

DC technology, e.g.:

  • Ohm’s law, power,
  • work, energy
  • Resistors and loads

AC technology, e.g.:

  • Characteristics
  • RC gates

Digital technology, e.g.:

  • Basic logic functions
  • Double solenoid multivibrators



Understand the real world better with simulations
As a component of modern training systems, the Tec2Screen® simulations can be used to test and simulate controllers and applications for PLC technology under realistic conditions. This new knowledge encourages practical and safe experimentation without real consequences or the need to purchase additional hardware.


The learning management system
Classroom Manager manages courses and simulations as well as original documents and materials. Trainers assign these to each student and can simultaneously record progress.


New interfaces: Connects
To explore the connection between the real world and the virtual world, we have developed the Connects – plug-in modules with a patented interface. The Connects allow direct interaction between software and hardware for direct interaction between theory and practice.

Unique: Signal flow is completely transparent and easy to follow.


As a base unit, the Tec2Screen® Base connects the iPad® with the patented Connects. The iPad® can also be used as a fully functional tablet, independently of Tec2Screen®, in the classroom and elsewhere.

Tec2Screen® won Festo Didactic the iF Design Award in 2015.

Overall system
Trainers use Classroom Manager to assign individual courses, simulations and original documents to students. Training content is loaded onto Tec2Screen® from a network. Students log in with their assigned user information and view the available courses. These courses can be completed online or offline.

In the courses, students have the opportunity to interact directly with other learning systems via the Connects. Classroom Manager continuously documents each student's progress. This allows trainers to actively coach students.


Our all-in-one device

  • One device for everything:
    learning, measuring, controlling, regulating, simulating, and programming
  • Can be used anywhere:
    Learn digitally at any location – in the teaching lab, on the go, at home, etc.
  • Present grey theory in an exciting multimedia format
  • Get started right away with the intuitive operating concept


Tec2Screen® Manager or ... 
Tec2Screen® Manager allows you to use the courses and simulations on your iPad and for offline learning.

Tec2Screen® Manager is available for the 20 user/20 workstation license level.


... Learning management system? Our Classroom Manager VT learning management system manages courses and simulations as well as self-made documents and materials. The trainer assigns these to the students individually and can simultaneously record their learning progress.