Tec2Screen® Demo Case

Tec2Screen® Demo Case

Discover the Tec2Screen® demo case, the all-in-one Tec2Screen® device!

The interactive learning tool Tec2Screen® has versatile features and capabilities. The Tec2Screen demo case is compact and easy to use for presentations. You can demonstrate the following experiments and information samples independently with the Tec2Screen® digital learning tool and demo:

Training content
Exploring and learning

  • Familiarization with individual components using QR code tasks (double-acting cylinder, 5/2-way valve, one-way flow control valve, inductive sensor)

PLC programming

  • Control of a double-acting cylinder with end-position feedback

Programming and control with iEasyLab

  • Control of a double-acting cylinder

Measuring with iEasyLab

  • Current measurement
    The behavior of a capacitor when DC voltage is applied
    Adding a measurement curve: Loading and unloading a curve

Fundamental individual components

The following fully assembled components are included in a Systainer:

  • Compressed air supply consisting of a pressure indicator, an air reservoir and a pump for compressed air generation.
  • A double-acting cylinder with flow control valves
  • A 5/2-way solenoid valve
  • An inductive proximity sensor
  • A fully wired PLC with pre-installed sample programs
  • A switch for program selection and initializing the PLC A patch panel for supply voltage distribution
  • A patch panel for inserting electronic components
  • A 100 kΩ and a 1 kΩ resistor
  • a 1 kΩ potentiometer
  • A 100 μF capacitor
  • A switch
  • A Multimeter Connect
  • A SysLink Connect
  • various 4 mm safety cables - black, blue, red
  • An I/O data cable with SysLink plug connectors, meets IEE 488 standard for direct connection of 8 digital inputs/outputs to the PLC
  • An I/O data cable, crossover, with terminal socket

Technical data

  • Systainer with Demo Case: 210 x 396 x 296 mm