Learnline – The yardstick for design and function

Learnline – The yardstick for design and function

The concept of the modular workstation system for basic and further training includes many practical features to make learning easier. Learnline places at your disposal a universal storage system which can be used without modification for pneumatic, hydraulic or electrotechnical lessons. The attention paid to design and function as one essential feature is evident in every practical detail.

Just a glance at its basic structure is enough to see that the various elements of the Learnline furniture range can be combined to meet any requirements. With just a few carefully thought-out individual components, it is possible to achieve results that are geared to the needs of the user, space available and technical requirements. The functional design of the profile column provides the key to the modular structure. As the central point of attachment, it opens up countless possibilities for the required configurations.

Even large mechanical forces, resulting from servohydraulics, proportional pneumatics or the use of robots for example do not present a problem for the Learnline system. The distortion-resistant design and high-quality coating on the workstation and frame ensure an extremely long service life despite large loads.

Learnline consists of basic mobile and stationary units with cable/oil trays, various assembly units, wheeled and fixed drawer units for storage and a wide range of accessories.

The Learnline modular workstation system offers a variety of possibilities for both configuration and attachment. Competent consultants are available in over 50 countries to supply you with an individual quotation.


Reassuringly sturdy
The lockable drawer units, fully extending with safety stop can support a load of 20 kg per drawer. The transport packaging for the pneumatic and hydraulic equipment sets can also be used as drawer inserts. This saves material and provides you with a quick overview of the drawer contents.


ER or A4?
The mounting frames for the workstations are designed to hold exercise boards and several ER units by Festo Didactic and other manufacturers. The ER mounting frame is compatible with the electronic components of the training packages. Alternatively you can opt for an A4 mounting frame – the electrotechnical standard.


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