Hybrid processes – Production automation and process automation

Hybrid processes – Production automation and process automation

Boundless variety

Qualification solutions and training factories for production and process automation.

Tell us what you need – we'll design your ideal learning environment and establish the required dependencies at process level. We look forward to designing solutions with you for special topics such as:

  • Water treatment
  • Cooling and refrigeration technology
  • pH value measurement
  • Conductivity measurement
  • Pneumatics in process engineering, for example slide valve actuators with positioners, specifically for the paper industry

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Competence Centre Process Automation by Festo Didactic:

  • Customer consulting
  • Technical service
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Technical-didactic documentation and software solutions


MPS® PA, combined with MPS® stations


It is only logical that the MPS® PA (process automation) stations can be combined with stations from the greater MPS® family. This makes MPS® an interesting proposition for basic and further training in many industries which are dominated by process automation but still require elements from production automation.

The well thought-out modular design with clear-cut interfaces protects your investment and facilitates adaptation to future developments in components as well as open-loop and closed-loop control systems. This means that the system can be adapted to new requirements.

AFB – The modular concept factory for all hybrid production tasks


The learning system for all processes associated with production automation and process automation.

  • Production
  • Handling of seals
  • Packaging
  • Filling
  • Transportation and routing
  • Storage
  • Input/output

The ideal solution for hybrid production process requirements in the food sector. The platform connects stations and elements from the MPS® Modular Production System with stations from the MPS® PA learning system and the Compact Workstation.

The system is therefore completely modular and new processes and training content can be added gradually. Project work with hands-on training can take place at individual stations, on partially integrated production lines and in a fully integrated learning factory.

Customer-specific solutions


You have specific requirements? Numerous installations across the globe have given rise to a range of solutions with a particular focus on hybrid automation.

An example of this is provided by Siemens AG Professional Education Berlin, whose mixing and filling station demonstrates how a continuous flow process is brought into line with a gradual container filling process. The students experience an operational process showing the entire sequence of an automated customer order processing system.

Detailed information on this and other projects can be found on the website under Services – References.