FlexShape kit for Mitsubishi Robots

FlexShape kit for Mitsubishi Robots

Leap into the thrilling world of bionics with the FlexShape kit! The patented gripper system offers positive-locking gripping thanks to a variable gripping surface for a range of different materials and contours, and can be used for different workpieces without spending time on retooling or external sensors. Taking its inspiration from the natural world, the gripper slides over an object like the tongue of a chameleon, enveloping it for a secure grip. The assembly kit contains all the necessary components and the corresponding setup instructions for operation on CR800 and CR750/CR751 controllers and with connected RV-2FRB, RV-2FB or RV-2SDB from Mitsubishi Electric. Providing the connection requirements are met, the kit can also be used together with other robot models. The system also covers CR2-B and CR1 generation controllers, providing they meet the technical requirements.

Included in the scope of delivery:

  • FlexShape gripper DHEF-20-A with adapter flange and mounting accessories
  • Proportional valve for setting the operating pressure of the inverting cap of the gripper DHEF
  • 5/3-way valve module for controlling the gripper DHEF
  • Holder for the workpieces that need to be gripped
  • Mounting accessories and workpieces
  • Commissioning instructions

Technical data

  • Actuator operating pressure: 600 kPa (6 bar)
  • Gripper stroke: 66 mm
  • Object size for secure gripping: gripping surface circumference up to approx. 100 mm
  • Operating voltage: 24 V DC 4 A, ≤ 100 W output power, SELV/PELV, limited power source (LPS)
  • Proportional valve input pressure: 600 – 800 kPa (6-8 bar)
  • Proportional valve setpoint specification: 0 – 10 V DC
  • Inverting cap operating pressure: 7 – 10 kPa (0.07 – 0.1 bar)