EduTrainer® Universal

The new universal, flexible holder system in DIN A4 enables you to equip different holder formats with a variety of PLCs and simulation modules.

Or choose one of our many preferred, fully-assembled EduTrainer® Universal models and customise it with simulation models to suit your needs.

The benefits to you:

Two lengths for individual configurations
The A4 holder is available in a width of 305 mm or 458 mm for a wider range of configurations.

Design your own model on an experimentation plate in DIN A4 format. This enables you to combine any CPU with any input and output modules, including simulation technology and 4 mm connection technology.

Retroactive upgrades
The EduTrainer® Universal can also be retroactively upgraded with additional modules for the PLC and with 19" simulation modules.

Versatile: table and installation variants
The rack variant of the EduTrainer® Universal can be stood on a table or hung in A4 frames of laboratory furniture as an A4 variant.

Networked and stand-alone
With the EduTrainer® Universal, it is just as simple to set up a stand-alone system as a networked system.

Robust construction
The stable, powder-coated steel housing guarantees a long service life.

Built-in power supply
The built-in 4.5 A power supply unit is designed to meet all the demands of basic and further technical training.

Interface to training systems
The EduTrainer® Universal can be integrated into existing systems using a range of interfaces.