A great picture of Industry 4.0, just as simple as it is!

1. People and competences:
The rapid transformation of the industry will require all of us in our roles, such as technologists, engineers, leaders and as citizens of the future society.

2. Future production:
The development of technological drivers such as artificial intelligence, 3D printers, smaller, more powerful and cheaper sensors, Big Data and "machine learning" put known forms of production under pressure, but create an infinite number of new opportunities.

3. Business innovation:
Flexibility and individualized production and logistics become a condition for future companies. But the access to creating something new and entering the market has never been easier.

4. Industrial processes:
Change in production processes takes place through the development of intelligent and automated processes, where sensors and algorithms can monitor the production and improve the customer experience.

More information:
If you find it challenging to do the necessary change into a digitized business and production model, with the right and necessary competencies for your people, please don´t hesitate to contact us at Festo.



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