Tec2Screen® course: Alternating current technology – Coils I

Tec2Screen® course: Alternating current technology – Coils I


The Tec2Screen® Course on the topic "Alternating current technology – Coils I" teaches training content on alternating current technology using the Festo Didactic learning systems. Pictures from real-life situations, graphic representations of physical, technical processes, animated processes, and a direct connection to practice illustrate the subjects in a straightforward way.

Training content

  • Application ranges, types and applications of coils
  • Electromagnetism
  • Types of electromagnetic induction
  • Measuring voltage and current of a coil with the oscilloscope
  • Measuring and calculating phase shift of sine signals
  • Measuring and calculating frequency-dependent reactance
  • Calculating reactive power
  • Calculating inductance
  • Constructive influencing variables of an inductance

Required Connects

1 x Connect AI (0 – ±10 V, 2 AI)

The Classroom Manager learning management system is part of the complete learning concept. The following license levels are available for the courses & simulations:

  • 100 users at 10 workstations
  • 200 users at 20 workstations
  • 500 users at 50 workstations
  • 1000 users at 100 workstations

If you don’t want to purchase a Classroom Manager, you can download the Tec2Screen® Manager 20/20 free of charge. The following license level is available for the courses & simulations:

  •  20 users at 20 workstations

The accessories mentioned below are required to conduct the courses.

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