EduTrainer® net board

EduTrainer® net board

The EduTrainer® net board enables different mains systems to be simulated, with a focus on the earthing conditions of the mains power. The creation of systems with direct earthing (first letter of the mains designation T) is supported; one TN-… or TT-… system can be emulated.

All connection positions are standardised and are on safety sockets.

Technical data

  • Input voltage: 3 AC/400 V (50 Hz)
  • Output for connecting additional EduTrainer® protective measures
  • Output voltage: 3 AC/400 V, protected against short circuit and overload
  • Output current: max. 6 A
  • Front plate: 266 x 297 mm
  • Console housing with rubber feet for use in an A4 frame or on tabletop
  • Connection via 4 mm safety plugs
  • Phase indicator L1, L2, L3 for input and output voltage
  • Key actuator for enabling the voltage