Mechanical drives training system – Level 4

Mechanical drives training system – Level 4

Introduction to clutches and brakes, and ball screws and linear bearings

Several industrial applications, such as some conveyors, may require a load to be engaged/disengaged or braked while the motor keeps running. Other applications require the torque to be limited to protect ­mechanical equipment from overload caused by shock loads or machine jamming. The topic “Clutches and brakes” introduces those aspects and presents clutches for various ­operating conditions along with their proper installation procedure.

In modern industry, ball screws and linear bearings are commonly used to transform rotational movement ­into linear movement, and vice ­versa. Typical applications include ­many types of machine tools, such as CNC mills and drills. The ­topic “Ball screws and linear bearings” ­introduces the main components and proper assembly steps of a linear slide. Essential concepts of maintenance and lubrication of linear bearings, ball screws, and ball nuts are also covered.

Level 4 requires the Workstation package. 


Clutches and brakes:

  • Freewheel clutches
  • Torque limiters
  • Electromagnetic clutches and brakes

 Ball screws and linear bearings:

  • Linear bearings
  • Ball nuts and ball screws
  • Backlash
  • Pitch, lead, start, and speed