PLC programming in accordance with IEC 61131: eLearning course

PLC programming in accordance with IEC 61131: eLearning course

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are used to control machines and systems, and play a central role in automation.

The program of a programmable logic controller can be flexibly adapted for any task. Various programming languages, which are all based on the IEC 61131 international standard, are available for creating the control program in compliance with standards.

This training program enables users to understand with function charts, ladder diagrams, instruction lists, sequential function charts, and structured texts in five programming languages, which are presented step-by-step through the use of practice exercises.


  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Project organization
  • Programming languages in accordance with IEC 61131
  • Link-oriented programming languages
  • Sequential function chart
  • Structured text
  • Sequence programming project

The training program provides beginners with an ideal introduction to IEC-compliant programming.

In addition to trainees, pupils and students, this training program is also useful for skilled workers, technicians, and ­engineers who have previously only programmed in IL, LDR, or FCH. The higher-level, IEC-compliant languages offer numerous advantages over the others.


Programmable logic controllers

  • Use of programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • Benefits of a PLC compared to a hard-wired programmable controller (HPC)
  • Basic structure of a PLC
  • Operating method of a PLC
  • Details and background information on the IEC 61131 standard
  • Learning about the programming environment CoDeSys

Project organisation

  • Learning about the "Distributing" station
  • Hardware configuration
  • Modules as central components of a control program
  • Module types
  • Tasks and main program
  • Variables as symbolic identifiers
  • Data types
  • Variable declaration using the example of the "Distributing" station

Programming languages in accordance with IEC 61131

  • Basic functions
  • Link-orientated programming languages
  • Function block diagram
  • Ladder diagram
  • Instruction list
  • Structured text
  • Sequential function chart

Link-orientated programming languages
The memory function implemented in:

  • The function block diagram
  • The ladder diagram
  • The instruction list

Sequential function chart

  • Creating a GRAFCET chart
  • Implementation of control in the sequential function chart based on the GRAFCET chart

Structured text

  • Selection instruction IF ... THEN ... ELSE
  • Programming a function block
  • Integration of function block into an existing program

Sequence programming project

  • Implementing an entire run of the "Distributing" station with variable declaration and execution of the automatic program
  • Interconnection of the reset program
  • Communication of various programs by means of variables
  • Operating method and use of the trigger function block
  • Organization of several programs with simple task configuration.

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