Fundamentals of servo motor drive technology: Workbook

Fundamentals of servo motor drive technology: Workbook

Servo drives play a particularly important role in automation, as due to today’s state-of-the-art controller technology, they have developed into the standard drive. The workbook for the fundamentals of servo motor drive technology uses practical exercises to provide a detailed introduction to the topics relating to modern servo drives.

The topics covered include the design and commissioning of a servo drive, RPM regulation, regulating torque, and homing as well as additional content, such as positioning with variable speeds, acceleration, braking and positioning taskss.

The workbook contains:

  • Solutions
  • Didactic notes
  • Worksheets for the student
  • Courseware on data storage media/download

F. Ebel, M. Pany
Edition 2010, 192 pages, in color, in folder.


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