The stations in the Modular Production System at a glance

The stations in the Modular Production System at a glance

A production line in a factory can be made up of individual production cells. Each cell has a specific function in the process (distributing, testing, processing, handling, assembly, storage). Depending on the requirements, one application or a process can be selected from the many individual stations.

By effectively combining individual stations, you can assemble your production system.

Learn about the functions and training content of the individual stations as well as their possible combinations on the following pages.



Make more of your potential

Simple to set up/commission yourself:

  • Mount control console to the trolley with 2 screws
  • Place EduTrainer Universal in trolley
  • Connect the EduTrainer Universal to the control console and the station using our universal SysLink plug connector
  • ... finished!

MPS commissioning service
On request, we can also commission systems for you – particularly in the case of larger systems – to ­ensure that your training projects run smoothly right from the start.

  • Distributing/conveyor station: Getting started with MPS
  • Pick&Place station: Small is beautiful
  • Robot station: Industrial quality
  • Robot station with MPS modules: Industrial quality
  • Distributing station: Getting started with MPS
  • Measuring station
  • Packaging station
  • Processing station: Purely electrical
  • Handling station, pneumatic: All-rounder with pneumatic linear drive
  • Handling station, electrical: up-to-date with electric drives
  • Fluidic Muscle Press station: Powerful
  • Punching station: Hydraulics power
  • Separating station: Flexibility
  • Storing station: In and out, electrically
  • Final Sorting: Station
  • Programming station