MPS® handling station, electric: Electric handling technology with linear axes

MPS® handling station, electric: Electric handling technology with linear axes

The MPS® handling station C covers a number of topics, including sensing and handling of workpieces for bridging height differences in the production process. It focuses mainly on electric linear axes and how to control them.

The electrically actuated station is equipped with a flexible two-axis handling device. A optical diffuse sensor is used to sense workpieces in the holder. The handling device picks up the workpieces from there with the aid of a pneumatic gripper. The gripper is equipped with an Opto sensor which can differentiate between "black" and "non-black" workpieces. The workpieces are placed on different slides based on these criteria. Other sorting criteria can be defined in conjunction with other stations. Workpieces can also be transferred to a downstream station.

The station uses industrial handling components. The electric linear axis with DC motor can position the workpieces very quickly, even in intermediate positions. A flat linear cylinder with end-position sensing serves as the lifting cylinder for the Z axis. A modern pneumatic linear gripper is mounted on the lifting cylinder. The Opto sensor built into the jaw of the gripper detects the workpieces.

The electric PicAlfa module used for handling can be used to flexibly adjust the stroke length, the inclination of the axes, the configuration of the end-position sensors, and the mounting position. This enables the station to be adapted for a broad range of handling tasks without the use of additional elements. This also provides opportunities for advanced users.

The valve manifold in the electric PicAlfa module is equipped with two individual single solenoid valves. This enables the user to carry out simple extensions, such as adding a stacking magazine.


  • You will be familiar with and be able to program an electric linear actuator for handling applications
  • You will be able to control pneumatic cylinders and grippers
  • You will be able to position linear axes using solenoid proximity sensors
  • You will be able to recognize workpieces by their reflective properties with the aid of diffuse sensors
  •  You will be familiar with multi-pin components for signal distribution


  • The highly modular nature of the station makes it suitable for use in various types of project work.
  • The station can be used in systems either on its own or combination with other stations at various stages of the process.
  • This station covers the following topics: electric and pneumatic handling technology, especially pneumatic linear axes.
  • Bridging of variable height differences in production processes using linear axes with adjustable inclination.

Technical data

  • Operating pressure: 400 kPa (4 bar)
  • Power supply 24 V DC
  • 8 digital inputs
  • 7 digital outputs





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