CP Factory Robot Loading Cell, in-line

CP Factory Robot Loading Cell, in-line

The robot loading cell is used in conjunction with a CNC milling machine and serves to load workpieces into the CNC milling machine via a 6-axis industrial robot. Training content like robot programming, flexible manufacturing, process planning and one-off production are taught with the robot loading cell.

The cell has two conveyors which run in opposite directions. A third conveyor forms a bypass for the workpiece carrier, fed to the robot as a CNC order. Even with longer CNC processes, this prevents jams in the material flow.

Technical data

  • Structure: 3x substructure of steel sheet and aluminum profiles, detachable
  • Doors: transparent, lockable
  • Dimensions per substructure:
    1200 x 1600 x 1800 mm
  • Electrical supply:
    400 V AC, 3-phase
  • Conveyor drives: 3x 24 V DC motors
  • Pneumatic supply: 6 bar
  • Touch panel: 1x TP700 Comfort
  • Controller: 1x S7-1512 SP
  • Switch: 8x