Robotino 4 – Electric Gripper kit

Robotino 4 – Electric Gripper kit


Accessory kit for the installation and commissioning of an electric gripper. The gripper package is designed to be mounted on Robotino generation 3 or later. It contains all hardware components necessary for operation in between current MPS stations and sample programs for Robotino.

The package includes:

  • Electrical gripper system based on EHPS with sensor package (Order no. 8125328)
  • LED signal for RGB display of states (Order no. 8125007)
  • Connection box with all Robotino connections (Order no. 8126834)
  • Height-adjustable tower top (Order no. 8124635)
  • Sensor package for commissioning on MPS stations (Order no. 8124921)
  • Technical documentation enclosed in each case
  • Mounting aid for MPS systems and example programs
  • All accessories comply with the RoHS directive according to CE marking

Technical data

Electrical connections provided as replication of the Robotino system:

  • Digital inputs/outputs: 8 (24V DC 2A), of which 5 inputs and 6 outputs are preassigned by the gripper package
  • Analogue inputs: 8 (0..10 V DC)
  • Relay changeover switch: 2
  • Supply connections:
    – 13x 24 V DC
    – 1x 12 V DC
    – 3x 5V DC
    – 4th motor output consisting of 6-pin connector for encoder and 2-pole power output (PWM)

Extract of performance data EHPS gripper package:

  • EHPS-16-A parallel gripper integrated
  • Digital inputs / outputs: 4 / 2
  • Gripper jaw stroke 10 mm (x2)
  • Jaw gripping weight 100g (x2)
  • Max. clock frequency 2.2 Hz
  • Repeat accuracy better than or equal to 0.03 mm
  • Maximum gripping width: 53.8 mm
  • Min. gripping width: 33.8 mm
  • Gripping force approx. 65N (in relation to center of MPS workpieces)

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