Robotino 3 charging station

Robotino 3 charging station

The Robotino 3 (2014 – 2018) charging station ensures automatic charging without a permanent cable connection. The enclosed contact can be attached with just a few turns of the hand to the rear of the mobile robot and replaces the existing charger connection. Robotino 3 detects automatically that it has been successfully docked onto a charging station – which is also confirmed by visual feedback from the charging station.

The charging station is intended for stand-alone use and can be fastened onto carpet using the enclosed Velcro® fastener or without this onto tiles for instance. The charger obtains its voltage from the power supply unit of the Robotino 3, a 2-pin on ­6-pin adapter is also enclosed.

As of 2014, several chargers and contacts for Robotino 3 may be combined as required.



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