Slide unit

Slide unit


The slide unit consists of a base plate with screwed digital calipers. The rotatable workpiece holder is mounted on the caliper. The unit is mounted on the profile plate using the locking system with the blue lever (mounting version "A"). The component can be moved in the direction of the slot.


With the slide unit measurements can be made on proximity switches and sensors. For this purpose, the respective objects are inserted into the workpiece holder and then fed centrally to the proximity switch. The distance between the object and the proximity switch/sensor is shown in the display of the caliper.

Technical data

  • Positioning distance 100 mm
  • Display accuracy 0.01 mm
  • Function keys inch/mm: changing the display
  • ON/OFF: Switch on / off the caliper
  • ZERO: Set display to zero at the current position
  • Width of the workpiece holder 50 mm
  • Clamping thickness max. 2 mm