Flow sensor with IO-Link®

Flow sensor with IO-Link®

Flow sensor for with IO-Link® on Quick-Fix® safe and quick mounting system for profile plates.

Technical Data

  • Sensor type: flow of compressed air and non-corrosive gases
  • Flow measuring range:  max. 10 l/min, unidirectional
  • Pneumatic connection: push-in connector 6 mm
  • Electrical outputs (2): PNLK (PNP, NPN or IO-Link®) and PNVBA (PNP, NPN, 0 – 10 V, 1 – 5 V, 4 – 20 mA)
  • Operating voltage: 22 – 26 V dc
  • Display type: illuminated LCD, multi-color
  • Setting options via teach-in, IO-Link® or display and keys
  • Connection via M8 port (cable included in accessories package for TP 1321 (8112723))

Scope of delivery
Flow sensor on Quick-Fix® mounting system, flow control valve, tubing, shutoff valve, muffler.