Stationary Learnline: Ergonomic and flexible

Stationary Learnline: Ergonomic and flexible

The stationary solution
With the stationary workstation systems, Learnline combines the requirements for typical desk systems with high functionality. They provide ample desk space and legroom thanks to the roller container. The containers also ensure quick and easy access to any required components.

Vertical or inclined?
The reliable profile plate is fastened to the stable profile of the angle adjustment. The inclination of the slotted profile plate can be infinitely adjusted, all the way down to a horizontal position. The workstation arrangement thus always offers the best ergonomic position for any exercise.

Move up into another dimension: profile columns as set-up space
Use the versatile profile columns as a set-up space, compatible with Quick-Fix, for equipment sets or for attaching additional components vertically. Further components, for example cylinders with a 400 mm stroke, can be mounted on the angle adjustment profile. At the same time, the mounting frame arrangement for ER or A4 units provides flexibility.

Optimum space utilisation
Thanks to the angle adjustment, the profile plate can be lowered into a horizontal position. Use the available space for A4 or ER mounting frames.

Pneumatic and electrical training
In addition to the 700 mm profile plate, additional mounting frames can be inserted for electronic components.

Ergonomic connections
With the supply duct, you have all important interfaces within reach. Not only the electrical and pneumatic supply, but also PC interfaces, such as USB, Ethernet or serial interfaces, can be integrated in the supply duct.

The preferred types with price advantage. Flexibly expandable. (Overall dimensions W1512 x D780 x H1718)