Learnline: stationary and functional

Learnline: stationary and functional

The stationary solution
With the stationary workstation systems, Learnline meets the requirements for typical desk systems while, at the same time, ensuring high functionality. They provide extensive table space and ample leg room due to the roller containers. The containers ensure quick access to the required components.

Variety for your individual requirements
The tried and tested profile plate is attached to the stable profile of the inclination unit. The inclination of the profile plate can therefore be infinitely adjusted up to the horizontal position. The exercise arrangement is therefore always in an ergonomically favorable position.

Tables for completely different applications are created with a few basic components. Whether 19" top elements, mounting frames for experimentation plates or perforated metal grids – we deliver the right solution.




Supply duct with electricity, compressed air and data
With the supply duct, all important interfaces are within reach: not only the electrical and pneumatic supply, but also PC interfaces, such as USB, Ethernet or serial interfaces, can be integrated in the supply duct.



You can equip the duct with CEE or shockproof sockets or safety sockets, depending on the application. A compressed air output with pressure regulators can be integrated likewise.