Soft starter

Soft starter

The soft starter is an industrial electronic motor control device that optimizes starting and stopping of three-phase induction motors. Through the starting and stopping phases, the voltage output to the induction motor is increased or decreased to control the torque and current generated by the motor. This version is designed to be safely mounted on a DIN rail with 4 mm safety laboratory cables.

The soft starter module is used in a learning activity presented in the workbook that accompanies TP 1211 Basic principles of circuits with contacts.

Fundamentals of circuits with contacts: Workbook


  • Industrial-grade soft starter
  • Easy adjustment of ramp-up time, ramp-down time and starting voltage with a screwdriver directly on the module
  • Bypass circuit used when full voltage is applied
  • LED indicators for easy diagnostic and troubleshooting

Technical data

  • Input/output power: 3 AC/200 – 480 V/3 A/50 – 60 Hz
  • Control voltage (Terminals A1-A2, 1): 24 V AC/DC
  • Auxiliary contact (1 NO) rating: 24 V DC – 1 A (DC-13)/230 V AC – 3 A (AC-15)
  • Compatible with 350 W (and less) machines
  • Designed to be mounted on a DIN rail
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 106 x 47 x 164 mm