EduTrainer® operator and signalling unit

EduTrainer® operator and signalling unit

The board contains operator and signalling units for setting up circuits for control technology.

Three pushbuttons allow signal input and there are three indicator lights for indicating operating states. The integrated jack switches can be used to select operating modes for example; one latched switch is intended for use as an "EMERGENCY-OFF" switch.

All connection positions are standardised and are on safety sockets.

Technical data

  • Input voltage: DC/ 24 V
  • Output voltage: DC/ 24 V
  • Rated current: max. 16 A
  • Front plate: 266 x 297 mm
  • Console housing with rubber feet for use in an A4 frame or on tabletop
  • Connection via 4 mm safety plugs
  • Integrated distributor for 24 V DC control voltage via jumper plug