Component set for digital technology

Component set for digital technology

The digital technology set of components contains all of the components for carrying out basic tests on digital technology.

The components are in a two-part plastic housing and have the component symbols printed on the top. The set is supplied on a storage panel, which is labelled to allow clear allocation.

All connections are made using safety technology. The connections for circuit design with 2 mm safety technology can be found on the top of the components. The power supply can be connected at the top or the bottom.

Components included in 19 mm mounting grid

  • 1x inverter
  • 2x AND
  • 2x OR
  • 1x NAND
  • 1x NOR
  • 1x XOR
  • 1x hex switch and analogue source 0 – 5 V
  • 1x LED bar graph
  • 1x counter
  • 1x 7-segment display
  • 1x RS flip-flop
  • 2x JK flip-flops
  • 2x shift registers
  • 1x full adder
  • 1x signal input