Application Module Speed Control

Application Module Speed Control


This application module is an extension for Equipment set TP 1013 Basic principles of control technology. It allows students to study speed control of an electric motor in a closed-loop system.

The module consists of 2 elements.

The first element operates an DC electrical motor. The motor is coupled with a tachometer which acts as a speed feedback device.

The motor speed is controlled according to control signals from the components of TP 1013. It can be operated in open loop standalone mode.

The module is equipped with a tachometer. It provides a speed feedback voltage and thus can be used in closed-loop circuits. The module behaves like a typical industrial application.

The second element is a generator that acts as a load. A switch operates a lamp to load the generator, thus changing its characteristic behavior.

The elements can be purchased separately. The motor is Order no. 8133451 et the generator is Order no. 8133449.

Boards can be controlled by our range TP1013 control components.

2 mm connectors on the top for power and control signals.

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