Mechanical Load for Electrical Machines

Mechanical Load for Electrical Machines


The Mechanical Load is a simple and effective braking system designed to brake a motor. The embedded interface on top allows for simple control. Via this interface, users can adjust the braking torque and monitor the rotational speed using the multifunctional knob. No extra software or any connection to an additional controller is required.


  • Simple operation
  • Safety protections to avoid contact with any moving parts-
  • Several protections for long-lasting operation
  • Cost effective braking device with everything included in the machine's body

Technical Data

  • Maximum Braking Torque: 4.5 N⋅m from 400 to 1481 r/min
  • Maximum Braking Power: 700 W
  • Maximum Speed: 2600 rpm (2.56 N·m at this speed)
  • Direction of Rotation: CW/CCW
  • Protections: Power Limiter (700 W), Torque Limiter (4.5 N·m), Control Circuit Overheat, Generator Overheat, Overspeed
  • Torque Setting Minimum Resolution: 0.01 N·m
  • Auxiliary Power Input (required for safety protections): 24 V AC, 0.2 A
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 211 x 200 x 370 mm