EduTrainer® stepper motor controller

EduTrainer® stepper motor controller

Industrial stepper motor controller specially designed for operation in laboratories, 4 mm safety connections, motor connection via standardised round plug adapted to the learning system, analogue and digital SysLink interfaces for integration into complete systems and for explaining additional content, integrated test and simulation box for all important I/As for convenient operation without additional hardware, scratch-resistant multicolor educational interface design with division into functional blocks, seamlessly integrated and non-protruding display components, console housing with rubber feet for use in an A4 frame or on a table.

  • Integrated display and control elements
  • Programmable inputs/outputs
  • Mode switching via input signals
  • PWM MOSFET power end stage
  • Microstep operation > 4000 steps/rev
  • Monitoring of I²t, temperature, following errors and current
  • Voltage failure detection
  • Integrated safety function for SIL 2/PL d
  • Integrated braking resistor, pulse power 500 W
  • CAN bus interface
  • Slot for expansion cards for Profibus or Devicenet interface for seamless integration into higher-level control systems

Technical data

  • 13 digital inputs
  • 4 digital outputs
  • 1 analogue input
  • 1 analogue output
  • Power supply: DC/24 V
  • Output: DC/24 V, 0.24 kW


  • Front panel: 266 x 297 mm
  • Housing depth: 90 mm