Basic Motor Controls Component Set

Basic Motor Controls Component Set


This component set includes all the necessary industrial control components with safe connections and fault-insertion capabilities required for TP 1221 Basic Motor Control Technology.

The set includes the following components provided in a storage tray: 3 contactors, 1 overload relay, 1 time-delay relay, 1 control relay, 1 motor-protective switch, 4 fault keys.

The most important components at a glance:

  • Contactor with Fault-Insertion (Order no. 8140795)
  • Motor-Protective Switch with Fault-Insertion (Order no. 8140796)
  • Overload Relay with Fault-Insertion (Order no. 8140798)
  • Time-Delay Relay with Fault-Insertion (Order no. 8140800)
  • Control Relay with Fault-Insertion (Order no. 8140801)